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20th me.GOALS.

Time flies,it’s already end of JUNE.My goals are not achieve yet,i have to work harder to complete it before year 2012 end.

It’s tough that i still can’t figure out my future,even though my friends are graduate,i feel like i’m late;yet i keep myself to the positive side always.

So,these are my goals that haven’t achieve ..

  1. clear debt
  2. slim down,body in shape
  3. fluent in english and malay
  4. trainee under record label
  5. stronger
  6. vacation at penang 
  7. learn dance     

i’ll update once i achieve each of it.

have nice dream.nights world.

with love,


p/s:i miss you dad.i love you mum.may my parents stay healthy.

the sincere one.

It’s been a while.i didn’t post a lot to web,cause i feel insecure,post something to net it’s like explore myself naked to public yet something change my mind.

Today,i checked my FB and saw my previous schoolmate updated her blog.I’m quite curious,cause she is a perfect girl that i ever met.Let me describe her shortly,she is a top student in school,she play badminton so well till as a state player almost to become a national player but she choose another way,she is so polite and sweet to everyone.So every times i met her i felt so sweet,and her smile makes my day.I love her smiling face.(at this point,we’re not best friend,we’re just a hai,how do u do?,bye ‘s friend.but still i love to meet her.Teeheeeee.)  :)

Yes,back to the topic.I read her blog,she’s like falling to someone else,confuse bout love.I do read others blog,yet i never had a strong feeling bout their blog,but i can feel her love through her words.I feel so true,so faithful,so sincere from her.A teenager’s faithful heart give to her love one,it’s like she is holding the entire world.

When love comes around,girls always lost direction.And there is no reason,no solution.

Still i believe,

Love with your sincere heart can conquer ALL.

so just follow your heart no matter what.SINCERE TO YOUR HEART.

with love,


p/s: pls bear with me,i’m not so good in english,i’m still working hard on it.

pp/s:i’ll try to post often,right here or other side.

this song make my day so sweet~<3

i should’ve kissed you~i should’ve told you~told you just how I feel, And this time I won’t stop, Until I have your heart, Because what I’m feeling is real.

i love this much..and i love CHRIS BROWN~<3

”Chris Brown - Should’ve Kissed You [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (by ChrisBrownInMyZone)”



2010 might not be the good year for me.but i’ll do my best for harder,study harder,be more tolerate,no more wasting time..i love you forever,my dearly fam..i’m blessing the world..wish my dream come true!!!

last but not least,

for the world,

love & peACE .

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